Start Living Consciously, TODAY

     Many of you have already heard the story of the NWA pilots who allowed their jetliner to travel at least 150 miles pass its destination. It has been reported that the pilots were using their laptops and having a heated discussion about company policy, while operating on auto-pilot, which prevented them from hearing the calls of the air traffic controllers.

     This story has a familiar tone to it. When you think about it, all of us have operated on auto pilot at some point in our daily lives. Maybe you wake up in the morning and just start going, not even thinking about listening for your life controller. You know our life controller God, the Holy Spirit. He calls to us daily in order to give us direction and guidance for our lives. But because we are on auto pilot and distracted by life’s issues we cannot hear his voice. We unconsciously get up and get dressed, unconsciously eat, unconsciously dress and feed the kids, unconsciously go to work, unconsciously drive home and cook dinner, etc… etc.. We go through our entire day living unconsciously.

    I encourage you to start living consciously today. This means you become mindful and aware of every aspect of your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. It means you get rid of the haphazard decision-making and thoughtless reactions. You replace the general apathy or lack of interest with conscious alertness. The Bible says we are to be active and self-controlled. Another word for consciousness is premeditation. This implies that you think about something before doing it, reflect before you act. Get out of the rat race of life. Stop existing and start living. Enjoy the sights and aromas that God gives you throughout your day. When you’re cooking dinner, take time to smell what you’re preparing. While playing with your children, really listen to their laughs. Focus on your future. Plan your career and personal aspirations. Have a vision about where you want to go in life. Turn off the auto pilot. Listen for the voice of your life controller and start living consciously, today!


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