The Best YOU, You Can Be

                Perhaps more than any other challenge we face as women the challenge to be ourselves is the most prevalent.  We are inundated with images of which society says we should be.  By feeding us the lie that its better to be like someone else rather than to be the unique and distinctive individual God created, society entangles us in the web of comparisons.  Most women have struggled with this very issue at some point, me included.  I’ve tried to act like my friends in high school, dress like my sisters in college, work like my co-workers on the job, and look like the latest greatest woman of the hour with the latest greatest____ (fill in the blank). 

              Along this journey I have discovered that living life comparing yourself to others thwarts you from becoming the exceptional woman you are meant to be.  By embracing our uniqueness and recognizing the beauty of our differences, we offer the world the gift of our authentic selves.  But let me warn you, when you decide to be that authentic you prepare for opposition.  Questions will arise.  Why are you doing that?  What are you trying to prove?  Are you trying to get attention?  What’s going on with you?  Nonetheless, we must press our way and continue to cherish the gift God has given us, the gift of uniqueness.  So let me encourage you ladies, appreciate your uniqueness as a woman.  If you need inspiration, try something new.   Take a dance class or a yoga class.  Start writing a book. Study a new culture or a new language.  Discover what YOU like.  You owe it to other women who need your example, you owe it to your God who created you, and you owe it to yourself, because you deserve it.  Have a blessed day and remember to be the best YOU, you can be.


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