When It’s In You, People Can See It!

Have you ever known a person who seems to live effortlessly? Everything that they do appears to be “natural” for them and they never have any known hardships of any kind. What makes them so different from us?

It is important and necessary that your soul and/or core being be centered in something. When your soul is FULL of positivity which comes from a higher power and through surrender, you will be able to effortlessly maneuver through life without many obstacles or worries.

How can this be? Surrendering your life to a higher power (God) that knows all and is in control of all things, gives you the peace that you need to clear your mind of worries and be able to live a more conscious life. When our minds and hearts are free of stress, concern, and worry, only then can we make sound decisions about the direction of our lives.

Life will always be full of conflicts, unknowns, and obstacles. But what do we expect from THIS life? If you are a believer in this life being temporary, then you know that we are only being tested and strengthened by the obstacles that life hands us.  This is only to prepare us for an ultimate life of continual peace. So why not start now practicing your peace.

When we are able to surrender and let peace abide within us, people can “see” it. They want to be near “it” (you). They want to know what you are eating or drinking, what kind of vitamins you are taking, or what gym you belong to. What we sometimes fail to ask ourselves is “how well are we with our soul”?

Many times when people excel in work, family, or a talent, it is not only because they prioritize and put in a lot of hard work, but because they have the perfect peace in knowing that ALL things are possible.  Having FAITH in God gives you the wisdom to know that it’s not all up to you.

Surrender is KEY!


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