The Power of Positive!

Have you ever met a person you could just connect with and hit it off immediately? In college I met a friend like that. We both were attending college away from our home states and we both had some of the same worries about college life, especially when it came to paying tuition bills. I remember how we joked about having to ask our parents for thousands of dollars every semester. The anxiety and the stress we felt was such a negative burden. We would frequently analyze our situations and try to encourage one another that everything would work out. One day we were conversing and someone brought up the idea to start thinking about everything from the positive point of view. We agreed to only think positive thoughts and speak positive words. If one of us said something or behaved in a negative way the other would quickly bring to remembrance the pact to keep all things positive. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. When I tell you we became unstoppable, that is an understatement. From that day forward, we operated with such confidence. It was as if the positive attitudes and the positive words propelled us forward.

As I look back on that time of my life I now realize that there is power in having a positive attitude. Being positive or negative is simply a matter of choice. I know it sounds cliché but it is the truth. Regardless of what happens in our lives, we can choose to be optimistic and expect God to bring good out of any situation. Remember the saying, “You are what you think you are”? If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you will not. I encourage you to eliminate the negative attitude and the negative talk from your life. Positive thoughts=Positive words. Positive words=positive actions. Positivity breeds confidence, confidence gives way to courage, courage fosters faith, and faith produces power. Strive to be aware of your attitude and thoughts and remember that there is power in the positive.


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