New Mammography Guidelines

The U.S. Preventative Task force has established new recommendations for breast cancer detection through mammograms.  Here is what their report recommends:

1. No more routine mammograms for women 40 and under.

2.  Women 50 and older only need mammogram screening every 2 years. (Annual screening previously recommended)

3. Self breast examination does not work.

Their voices carry much weight because their recommendations influence coverage guidelines for insurance companies. Women already deal with too much red tape when it comes to breast cancer screening. This just creates another hurdle. What this task force is saying is that the women who are 40 and under do not deserve to get what could essentially save their lives. I am outraged by these recommendations. I have heard that if you are a women and you have a family history of breast cancer, then you are exempt from these guidelines. What about the thousands of women who get breast cancer despite the lack of family history?  And changing mammogram screening for women in their 50’s from every year to every  two years is a huge mistake.  I know several women over 50 who would not be here today if it were not for their annual mammograms. My mother is one of those women.  And to actually say that self breast exams do not work is ridiculous.  Many women have discovered lumps that have turned out to be actual cancer through self-examination.  I would like to know how many women are on this task force.  I would also like to know how many task force members have a loved one who has battled breast cancer or how many have battled the disease themselves.  I suspect none.

As a site that is dedicated to the well-being of all women HEALASISTER is committed to providing you with power to improve your life. It is our mission to Honor,Encourage,Acknowledge, and Lead  all women.  As a health care professional myself (Registered Pharmacist) here are my recommendations:

1. Continue to Honor your body by doing self breast exams monthly. 

2. I Encourage you to take responsibility for your own health care.  Do your research and ask questions.

3. Acknowledge the power of a second or third opinion when it comes to your health. 

4. Look to women who have experienced breast cancer for Leadership


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