A New Sense Of Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving we tend to reminisce over the year’s accomplishments and begin to give Thanks for what we have received. Maybe it was welcoming a new baby into the family, a promotion on your job, or the purchase of a new house. These are the things that jump into the forefront of our minds when giving Thanks. But when we begin to live a more conscious life, we acquire a new sense of Thanksgiving. We are reminded of the things that may not be physical that we received but more indirect yet worth thanking the higher power for in abundance.

We remember to give Thanks for our continued health and the safety and health of our family. We give Thanks for the tree that didn’t fall on our house during the rainy season, we give Thanks for having our pet around one more year, we give Thanks for the word “foreclosure” not being part of our vocabulary and many, many, more things that we were spared from.

In return for these many blessings received, we should break down the word Thanksgiving and give Thanks by giving. When we are blessed by God, then others shall be blessed too. There is nothing more rewarding and purposeful than giving back.  It can be so simple. Give back by smiling at someone, holding the door open, offering to help an elderly person with their groceries, or donating books or toys to a daycare. We don’t always have to make GRAND gestures when giving. The smallest gifts bring the greatest joy!

This Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, practice giving Thanks in the most simple way. Thank your parents for giving you the opportunity to spread your wings, Thank your best friend for lending an ear, Thank your barber for keeping you well-groomed, and Thank yourself for becoming more aware of the life that you are living.


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