Remember when?

Remember when you were young and christmas time rolled around?  I can recall anxiously waiting for the day when I would open all my gifts. And speaking of gifts, do you remember these old-fashioned toys and games? These are just a few of the toys I remember waking up to on Christmas Day: Yo Yo, Easy Bake oven, Mr. Potato Head, Mouse trap, Jax, Baby alive, Electric football game(my brothers’), Toss Across, Pogo stick, Hop scotch, Spindle Top, Slinky, Kick and Go, Spin Around, Etch a Sketch, and View master, and of course a new bike!


5 thoughts on “Remember when?”

  1. My husband and I were just talking about gifts for Christmas. We were coming back from my Grandparents house and talking about how crazy our family is. I remember a few gifts over the years (electronic battleship, twister, pictionary), but mostly I remember spending time with family. That’s one of the best gifts I can remember, the memories of family.

  2. Marla you are so right. Family memories are always the best. I still remember what PJ’s my mother was wearing one Christmas morning. Probably because we were dressed just alike. That’s funny.

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