I am by no means a writer. So you probably ask why I have a blog site. HEALASISTER is a ministry.  It is a place where I and you can go to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to express ourselves and to H.E.A.L one another at the same time. I have decided to follow the advice of many writers and put my thoughts down on paper. The following poem was inspired by my pastor, Dr. Ralph West. After a Bible study series on the fruit of spirit, these words showed up.


Have you heard about the woman who persevered

to overcome anger, shame, and fear?

Where she was raised negative words abound,

but in her ears they had no sound.

Always a smile upon her face, that could never be disputed.

Her faith and perseverance kept all negative words muted.

Though she experienced misfortune at a young age,

her dreams were not lost, but only delayed.

Left alone to raise her child,

her loneliness and grief rang loud.

But she knew her struggle would not last long.

That’s why in her heart she kept a song.

She trusted God, that’s how she carried on.


What she endured to some may seem sad,

But she wasn’t bitter or even mad.

She worked hard to get an education to secure a job.

After all she was mother AND father to her young son.

Early in the morning she would rise. Praying, working,

and keeping the faith.

In her day there was no time to waste.

Then after many years her persistence was rewarded.

Her young son became a doctor, graduated top of his class,

Magna Cum Laude.

So let her life serve as a lesson to you.

Never give up when times get hard.


And you too can overcome anger, shame, and fear.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Nanette H.


If you have a testimony about how you have overcome obstacles in your own life, leave a comment. Or you may just want to leave an encouraging word to uplift another sister in her journey through life. God bless you!




2 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. I grew up with a father in the mafia. There was gambling, drugs and racism. There was abuse, verbal and physical, towards my mom. There were volatile tempers and violence that led to murder. There was molestation, illegal activities, and too many teen pregnancies. I’ve been told by many friends I should write a book. My husband and I planned the birth of our first child. I took a stand that all the ugliness I grew up with stopped at me and my children would never know that world, and they don’t. When I look at my children, I know that I’ve overcome all the obstacles that I could have used as excuses for acting the same way as most people in my family.

  2. Marla, you are a woman with courage, strength, and perseverance. I applaud your decision to break the cycyle of violence and abuse in your life. You could have chosen to be a victim and used excuses to limit yourself in life. But instead you have given your children and other women a great example of a victorious woman. I agree with your friends about writing the book, but only if you feel lead to do so. Sharing your story can help countless women who may have experienced a similar situation. Having said that, writing about your life can be therapeutic and healing, even if it’s for your eyes only. Thank you for your testimony of perseverance . I believe you will help someone just by sharing it here on this blog.

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