Preparation and Action for the New Year!

2010 is here and most people have prepared their resolutions and goals for the new year. Setting goals is a good thing. But taking actions to reach those goals is even better. When I think of goals and resolutions I think of two words, preparation and  action.  That’s why I chose ” What’s Really Holding You Back” for the book of the month. This book changed my life.  The author graciously pushes you to examine your thoughts, words, and actions concerning your life.  She writes,  “In order to break free from what’s holding you back, you must deliberately choose to respond to the adverse and intimidating circumstances of life rather than simply react to them.” In my opinion, this is what changing your life is all about.  We must prepare for what we want in life and then take necessary actions to see our dreams and goals manifest. I pray that this book blesses your life as much as it has blessed my life. I wish you much success for the resolutions and goals you have chosen for  2010 and remember, HEALASISTER is here to offer you support through Honor,Encouragement, Acknowledgement, and Leadership.

Be blessed, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  


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