Don’t Let Fear Rule You!

This weekend I spent time praying about a very important decision in my life. Well actually, I did more worrying than praying. I need to decide whether to continue pursing my master’s degree or put it off and continue next semester. I’m not under any time constraints, but I do have a date in mind for completing that goal. The problem is that it requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice, something perhaps I did not anticipate being as much of an issue as it has become. I mean, I thought I dealt with the sacrifice issue before I enrolled in school in the first place. Theoretically I reasoned that this commitment would require that I sacrifice money, time with my husband, time with family and friends, and other personal aspirations and desires. However, now that reality has shown its ugly face, was I going to shrink in fear or stand firm in my decision?
After answering the “what if” questions and getting over some self doubt, I decided to stay committed to my goal. I realized that if I put off school another semester, I would simply be operating in fear. I would once again allow fear and uncertainty to rule my decision making. Thankfully I am reviewing the book of the month “What’s Really Holding You Back”. Chapter 10 urges us to reassess the decision making process in our lives. After doing so, I am more convinced than ever that this journey is right for me. If I allow fear to rule my decisions and ultimately my actions, I will never receive God’s best for my life.
Now I know I cannot be the only woman trying to overcome fear and uncertainty. Perhaps by sharing this story, I can inspire another sister to take action and overcome this stagnating force. We must continue in our quest to live above the false fears that sometimes keep us from moving in the right direction. Let’s stay focused and committed to our goals, even if we must do so afraid.


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