Dr. Martin Luther King was a tireless political and social activist who made personal sacrifices in order that the oppressed would be liberated. He lived his life in service to freedom and justice for all. Despite the continuum of cruelty and prejudice he faced, Dr. King moved forward and used his voice and nonviolent attitude to bring healing to a NATION. He stood against injustice and violence and ultimately sacrificed his life for the cause. He reminds us that we are our brother’s keeper. He also reminds us that one man can make a difference. As we honor his life today, remember that you are also called to serve your fellow-man. We all have a  responsibility to give our time, talent, or God-given gift in service to someone who needs it. What will you do to bring healing to this nation or the world? Start in your own neighborhood or town. Remember “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.”


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