My Mom2.0 Experience

I had a blast at the Mom2.0 summit this weekend. Not only did I get professional advice and guidance on how to improve my blog, but I made connections with women who offered me inspiration, support and friendships that I will never forget. I found a new since of sisterhood and I can hardly wait to see what becomes of the great ideas all these women have. Shout out to Lisa and the crew at You are awesome for starting this movement for kids!
The beautiful photography of Karen Walrond can be found at If her wonderful pictures fail to put a smile on your face, you should have your smile receptors examined. And check out the cool organic baby collection at, created by Shivani and Anita, two sisters with a real since of style and an appreciation for the wellness of people and planet. Oh yeah, and I met an awesome mother whose creativity may help solve my husband’s long fought battle with an allergy to laundry detergent. Thanks Lisa for the SOAP NUTS from Can’t wait to see how they work!
I would also like to thank Pepperidge Farm for the book I won in the giveaway, “E Is for Ethics”.

E Is for Ethics: How to Talk to Kids About Morals, Values, and What Matters Most


I have not won anything since 7th grade when I won a cake in the cake-walk game during the spring festival at school. Thank you! Hopefully it will help me out in my Business and Society Ethics class in grad school.
Just being in the presence of these brilliant women gave me an energy and focus to step up my game in the blogging world. Can wait to see you all again at Mom2.0 Summit 2011


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