Honoring Teachers

I’ve longed believed that second to being a mother, being a teacher has to be one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs in the world. Not only do teachers educate and instruct, but they also have the arduous task of motivating and inspiring kids to reach their highest potential, which is not an easy assignment. Teachers give guidance, help develop decision making skills, and offer a shoulder to cry on if needed. Many teachers dig deep into their own pockets to help give supplies and support to children who need it, although their pockets are not that deep because they are grossly under paid.
That’s why I would like to honor all the teachers who make a positive impact on the lives of their students. When I was a young girl, like many other young girls, I was very bright but insecure. I would dumb down my abilities in order to “fit in”. I tried to hide the fact that I was truly interested in learning and being creative. Then I met Mrs. Harrison. She was my 6th grade English teacher and she was the most attentive and patient teacher I ever met. She fostered my creativity and taught me that it was cool to be smart. She encouraged me to read and anyone who knows me knows my love of books. Mrs. Harrison had high expectations for all her students and she used those expectations to propel her students toward greatness.  So I take this time to say thank you to Mrs. Harrison and all the teachers out there. Thank you for staying after school to help students learn to read. Thank you for using your personal funds to help assist your students. Thank you for your creativity and inspiration. Thank you for all the discipline and all the amazing things you do to educate our children. You are appreciated.

Help me honor teachers by leaving your name, teachers name, and how that teacher positively impacted your life.  Lets show the teachers of the world we appreciate all their hard work.


2 thoughts on “Honoring Teachers”

  1. Mrs. Harrison was the teacher who taught me that learning can be fun. She also taught me that reading can expand your mind and help you become a more creative person.

  2. Sister Mary Dorothy
    My second grade teacher was always smiling, pretty and told me I could do anything. I beleived her and here I am!!!!!

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