Are You A Woman of Your Word?

Can you recall one or more times when you did not keep your word? Perhaps you promised the kids a trip to the zoo or the mall and you failed to follow through because you were tired or did not feel well. Maybe you promised to visit a friend but for whatever reason you didn’t make it. When we give our word, people depend on us to come through. It speaks of our character, integrity and moral fiber whether or not we actually do so. Recently, I found myself in a similar situation and it lead me to examine the worth of my word.

I am concerned that we seem to be running short on people whose word is their bond. I know we all make mistakes and we must admit our shortcomings and apologize to the people we offend. But their are times when we blatantly disregard how our lack of action (promised action) really affects another individual. But if we are to live true lives of excellence we must commit to doing what we say we will do, regardless of how difficult it may be, regardless of bad-timing, regardless of how we feel, regardless of personal problems.  Anyone who has achieved a high level of excellence has done so by being true to their word.  I know this is not always easy.  Many of us over extend ourselves and become frustrated when we find we can’t do it all.  But that subject requires an entirely different post.   The fact is, when we don’t do what we say we’re going to do, we inconvenience others and leave ourselves with an untrustworthy reputation.

Let’s be careful what we say yes to and when we do say yes to doing something, borrow from the slogan of Nike and Just do it!  Keep your word.


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