What I Learned at Blogalicious11

One week ago today I was in the presence of some of the smartest most interesting women I’ve ever met. Blogalicious 2011 was held in Washington, DC and it was fabulous. I learned about networking and working with brands; vlogging and podcasting; and how to make my passion lucrative. I even got to rub elbows with  some  famous movie stars.  The lovely Paula Patton was present but I missed out on the photos. I was getting a foot massage because I wore some 5 minute shoes to a 60 minute event. Still kicking myself! That’s me with Shrek.  I even won a JustDance3 contest thanks to my dancing partners Tonia Sanders (@thechattymomma), Krystal Grant (@KrystalGrant), and Latonya Richardson (@LatonyaRich).  The Hot Girls rock!
It was my goal to find ways to improve my blog and get my writing groove back. My plan was to focus on getting information and applying that information to better my blogging experience. But I received so much more.

The theme of the conference was “Making Masterful Connections”.  How fitting because that is exactly what happened. Not only were those connections masterful, they were meaningful as well.  After listening to woman after woman share her story, I realized sometimes all you need to get your creative juices flowing is a good story you can relate to. The power of sharing that story can motivate or change a person’s life completely.  I’ve written about that before https://healasister.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/share-your-story/.  This experience  moved me to change the focus of healasister. We are reaching out to women to share their stories. I’m hoping these stories will inspire you along your journey and encourage you as you transition in life. So, please stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “What I Learned at Blogalicious11”

  1. Very inspiring…. I look forward to hearing the journeys of my sister’s. Heal A Sister new direction will without question bring a life changing, valuable, and inspirational experience for all who participate

  2. Blogalicious was a GREAT experience for me as well. It was like a blogging revival for me. I have a renewed since of writing, and ideas are just springing up all over the place. I look forward to connecting, and continuing to read your blog. Hot Girls Rock!!!

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