No More Flabby Arms!

Let me just get right to it with this post.  I hate my flabby arms.  I’m tired of changing an entire outfit because I look like a sumo wrestler sleeveless.  Tired of coming up with cleaver ways to hide my arms when I take pictures.  My husband already knows to hug me from the back (or side) and put his arms over my arms to screen my arms from view of the camera. I’ve even given him a piece of my mind for failing to assume the position when he knows good and well what to do.  Some of you ladies know what I’m talking about right?  You may have your own ingenious ways of concealing a body part that you don’t want the camera adding those dreaded 10 pounds to.  Well no more hiding for me.  Time to take action.

Yesterday I joined the 2011Pushup Challenge.  This challenge originated at . Please visit her blog for all the details.  On even days of the month I do push ups. I started yesterday with one.  Each even day I will add one push up to the routine.  At the end of the year I hope to complete thirty push ups in a single day.  I will post videos to show my progress and hopefully show off my guns as well.  If you have a routine for getting your arms in shape please share it with me.  I would love to know what works for you.


4 thoughts on “No More Flabby Arms!”

  1. Great Work! I have been working out with a private trainer and I don’t know if this is normal but I HATE him! In my mind I’m thinking “If he say 10 more, one more time, Ima nut up”. LOL
    I will be turning the BIG 30 next year and I wanted to make sure that I will be in the best shape of my life by the time my birthday rolls around. Now of course working out with a personal trainer seemed like a great idea, until I had to get on this huge ball and do 30 push-ups. When I tell you I had all kinds of thoughts and words to say and none of them were scriptures…OMG, but when the exercises are finished I feel great. I encourage you to keep up the great work cause there is nothing like putting on some tights/leggings and not seeing cellulite going up and down your thighs…lol

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