Are You Smarter Than a 5th or 6th Grader?

Recently I volunteered to help my niece and nephew with their homework. You see,  their mother is a school teacher and student herself (she’s working on a master’s degree).  Sometimes everyone in the house has a project or paper to complete and things get a little hectic.  So, I thought I would stop in and help out for an hour or so.   An hour turned into almost three hours.

OMG!  I could not believe how much homework they both had.  Both had math and science work to complete and both had reading assignments.  We started with the math.  Now I’m pretty good at math so I was confident I could quickly explain it and we would move on.  Then I looked at the questions and thought, hummm…did I  learn this when I was in school, let me see.  There were fractions and integers, prime numbers and exponents,  and the Pythagorean Theorem. When did fifth and sixth grade math become so advanced?   After about ten minutes of reviewing I was able to start “helping”.  About forty-five minutes passed and we were done with the math portion.  Thank God! Now on to the science part of the night.

Most of the science work involved reading and answering questions related to physical or life science. When the kids finished, we were already at least one and one-half hours into the homework process.  While they each read their respective chapter readings,  I looked on their schedules.   I saw that both kids needed to practice their instruments. I thought, “you gotta be kidding me!”  Lawd, how in the world do they fit all this into one night?

When my sister peaked in to check on us, I asked her how she kept up with her work, homework, and the kids assignments and activities.  Of course her husband helps out when he’s not traveling.  Mostly they stick to a schedule. They live very structured lives and they work on the weekends a little to stay on course.

Before leaving,  I committed to helping out more in the future.  Once home, I was exhausted.  Being a mother is no joke.  Especially if you’re going to raise smart, well-behaved, educated, kind, etc…children.

If you’re a mother, how do you get it all done and stay sane?  Please, do tell!


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