Learning to Live and Love from Animals

There may be no better depiction of unconditional love than that given by a pet.  If you own an animal as a pet, you know what I’m talking about.  My dog Charlie does not care which side of the track I come from or how I look. He’s always happy when I come around.  He gives me love and he receives love from me with no strings attached.

The intimate friendships we develop with our pets have the ability to affect us physically, socially, and even spiritually.  There are numerous stories of animals improving the lives of people.  Some have credited dogs with discovering cancers, seizures and even diabetes.  Horses have helped children with autism improve their language skills, balance and/or posture, as well as muscle coordination.  Animals can lift our spirits and improve our quality of life.  I can attest to that.

For the past two years I’ve been taking horse-back riding lessons.  This is a picture of Dolly the horse I ride.

I have learned so much from this horse.  She’s shown me the importance of patience while learning something new.   Her ability to alleviate my anxiousness and help me relax is just mind-blowing.  It’s difficult for me to express the calm free feeling I get when I’m on her back riding.  All I can say is there is definitely a connection.

I can say for certain my life is better because I’ve spent time with these animals.  I hope I add as much to their lives as they add to mine.

Has an animal or pet positively influenced your life in some way?  Share your story.


One thought on “Learning to Live and Love from Animals”

  1. I love dogs! I have always had a dog until recently. Now that my son is old enough to understand the responsibility of taking care of a pet, we will be getting one soon. Hopefully a little doggie we can carry around with us. But in the meantime, we are looking at fish!

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