The 30 year old St. John dress

Ever since I can remember, my mother has been a lover of fashion. I can recall going to Dee Dee’s or Shame’s Boutiques with her on Saturdays in Mississippi and watching her choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories. Because of her influence, I have such a great affinity for gloves, clutch purses, shoes and dresses. More specifically, St. John knit dresses. One of her favorite things to wear is St. John by Marie Gray. She can put on one of those knit dresses with some high heels and rock it like nobody’s business. Here is one of the dresses she passed on to me. It’s one of the few that survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Wish she still had the pictures of herself wearing this dress, but the hurricane destroyed them.
The dress is about 30 years old and it is still in good condition. She always says you get what you pay for and I guess she’s right. It has a few areas that need some TLC but for the most part it is totally wearable. It had shoulder pads but I removed them of course. I love the yellow but I’m finding it to be a difficult color to accessorize. Back in the day mama would wear gold or brown shoes with it to balance out the boldness of the yellow.

I can hardly wait to wear this dress. When summer rolls around, I plan to pair it with some gold shoes just like mama; Gold wedge peep toe Via Spiga heels and this great necklace I found in mama’s jewelry drawer. Now I just need to find the right belt to wear with it.

Anyone else out there who loves St. John by Marie Gray or maybe another great designer?  Who was or is your greatest fashion influence?


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