Reason for the Season Home Challenge

Atmosphere matters.   While I do believe one should invest in making the home beautiful, decorating your home for the holiday does not have to cost a fortune.  For me, Christmas is a time to increase comfort, mood and overall happiness in the home.  Adding drama and beauty to a living space just takes a little creativity.

I love candles.  Placing them around the home adds a sense of warmth.  Every home needs that.   I usually get the candles with the strongest aroma.  Choose your favorite fragrance and place them around your house.   Just try and stick to one fragrance to ensure there is one smell throughout the house.   Pumpkin spice is my scent of choice this year.

Then there is the Christmas tree.  Anything goes when choosing decorations for the tree.  Ribbons, candy canes, popcorn or whatever your heart desires will do.  I’ve had the same ornaments for the last 2 years, gold stars with different shapes and sizes.  Once you add the lights to the tree it just pops regardless of what you’ve chosen to decorate it with. 

Adding flowers can be both affordable and beautiful.   I have these poinsettias in almost every room in the house.  I love the deep red color and that fact that they are easy to care for.

Lastly, there’s nothing like a warm fire to keep you warm while you enjoy all those holiday movies.

What are your go-to staples for decorating your home for the holiday?

Don’t forget to go to www.wifemotherfirstlady for the Reason for the Season FAMILY Challenge.

Photo Credit: Jeffwesse (creative commons)


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