This blog was created to inspire Honor, Encouragement, Acknowledgment and Leadership to all women. As mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and much more, women have the task of leading their families and communities to betterment. Because we know this task is challenging at times we offer this site as a safe place to fall. Obstacles are a part of daily life as we know it, but if we continue to H.E.A.L our spirits by living a conscious life, then the obstacles will become stepping-stones toward our next accomplishments.

Nanette Hartley is the founder of Heal A Sister blog site. Nanette is a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and most importantly a woman of God. Nanette works full-time (as of right now) as a pharmacist and works another full-time job as a blogger and social activist for change. She wants to help you honor your mind, body and soul; encourage you to live life consciously; acknowledge your accomplishments and strength; and lead you to your true self. She wants you to laugh out loud, sing and dance, and enjoy your journey.

The goal of this blog is to foster development in communities by providing women with the necessary tools and resources needed to become a success at whatever they choose. The contributors to this site want to encourage women to live a fulfilled life even when they seem to be spread thin with work, family and personal issues. Readers are encouraged to actively participate by incorporating the content of this blog into their everyday lives.

Please read the content with an open mind, meditate at least 24 hours on the message, and find the best ways for you to put it into action to become the best you can be.


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Dedicated To The Well-Being Of All Women

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