The Ultimate LOVE

How can we be expected to show love or respect for another when we have a void for ourselves? It is only when we are comfortable in the skin that we are in,will we be able to love others unconditionally. This is not to say that we will be PERFECT but perfect enough in our own eyes with our own flaws.

There is nothing more welcoming than a person who is authentic. Authenticity means being genuine and not fake. There is no need to fake or pretend to be something that you are not because guess what? Most people are not who they are perceived to be either.  Only when we come into the ultimate love of oneself will people truly begin to see the authentic you.

The most authentic people in this world are honest about all aspects of their life. They do not pretend that their life is perfect or that they have never made mistakes, or even that they won’t make additional mistakes in the future. But the one thing that permeates from them is that they LOVE themselves and are on a continual journey to become better people each day.

This realization only comes when seeking to understand who we really are in this life/universe.  We were made in his perfect image but with natural sin. That is not to say that because of this natural sin we have an excuse to do whatever we please. But it is to show us that NO ONE will ever be perfect. This is an unrealistic expectation to strive for. What we can strive for is a perfect kind of love which is only unconditional love. We have to love the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the clean and the dirty.

Once we understand that truly everyone is trying to be the best that they can be under the circumstances that life hands them, then we will be able to shut down the judgemental thoughts and open our hearts up to love.


When It’s In You, People Can See It!

Have you ever known a person who seems to live effortlessly? Everything that they do appears to be “natural” for them and they never have any known hardships of any kind. What makes them so different from us?

It is important and necessary that your soul and/or core being be centered in something. When your soul is FULL of positivity which comes from a higher power and through surrender, you will be able to effortlessly maneuver through life without many obstacles or worries.

How can this be? Surrendering your life to a higher power (God) that knows all and is in control of all things, gives you the peace that you need to clear your mind of worries and be able to live a more conscious life. When our minds and hearts are free of stress, concern, and worry, only then can we make sound decisions about the direction of our lives.

Life will always be full of conflicts, unknowns, and obstacles. But what do we expect from THIS life? If you are a believer in this life being temporary, then you know that we are only being tested and strengthened by the obstacles that life hands us.  This is only to prepare us for an ultimate life of continual peace. So why not start now practicing your peace.

When we are able to surrender and let peace abide within us, people can “see” it. They want to be near “it” (you). They want to know what you are eating or drinking, what kind of vitamins you are taking, or what gym you belong to. What we sometimes fail to ask ourselves is “how well are we with our soul”?

Many times when people excel in work, family, or a talent, it is not only because they prioritize and put in a lot of hard work, but because they have the perfect peace in knowing that ALL things are possible.  Having FAITH in God gives you the wisdom to know that it’s not all up to you.

Surrender is KEY!

The Best YOU, You Can Be

                Perhaps more than any other challenge we face as women the challenge to be ourselves is the most prevalent.  We are inundated with images of which society says we should be.  By feeding us the lie that its better to be like someone else rather than to be the unique and distinctive individual God created, society entangles us in the web of comparisons.  Most women have struggled with this very issue at some point, me included.  I’ve tried to act like my friends in high school, dress like my sisters in college, work like my co-workers on the job, and look like the latest greatest woman of the hour with the latest greatest____ (fill in the blank). 

              Along this journey I have discovered that living life comparing yourself to others thwarts you from becoming the exceptional woman you are meant to be.  By embracing our uniqueness and recognizing the beauty of our differences, we offer the world the gift of our authentic selves.  But let me warn you, when you decide to be that authentic you prepare for opposition.  Questions will arise.  Why are you doing that?  What are you trying to prove?  Are you trying to get attention?  What’s going on with you?  Nonetheless, we must press our way and continue to cherish the gift God has given us, the gift of uniqueness.  So let me encourage you ladies, appreciate your uniqueness as a woman.  If you need inspiration, try something new.   Take a dance class or a yoga class.  Start writing a book. Study a new culture or a new language.  Discover what YOU like.  You owe it to other women who need your example, you owe it to your God who created you, and you owe it to yourself, because you deserve it.  Have a blessed day and remember to be the best YOU, you can be.

Start Living Consciously, TODAY

     Many of you have already heard the story of the NWA pilots who allowed their jetliner to travel at least 150 miles pass its destination. It has been reported that the pilots were using their laptops and having a heated discussion about company policy, while operating on auto-pilot, which prevented them from hearing the calls of the air traffic controllers.

     This story has a familiar tone to it. When you think about it, all of us have operated on auto pilot at some point in our daily lives. Maybe you wake up in the morning and just start going, not even thinking about listening for your life controller. You know our life controller God, the Holy Spirit. He calls to us daily in order to give us direction and guidance for our lives. But because we are on auto pilot and distracted by life’s issues we cannot hear his voice. We unconsciously get up and get dressed, unconsciously eat, unconsciously dress and feed the kids, unconsciously go to work, unconsciously drive home and cook dinner, etc… etc.. We go through our entire day living unconsciously.

    I encourage you to start living consciously today. This means you become mindful and aware of every aspect of your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. It means you get rid of the haphazard decision-making and thoughtless reactions. You replace the general apathy or lack of interest with conscious alertness. The Bible says we are to be active and self-controlled. Another word for consciousness is premeditation. This implies that you think about something before doing it, reflect before you act. Get out of the rat race of life. Stop existing and start living. Enjoy the sights and aromas that God gives you throughout your day. When you’re cooking dinner, take time to smell what you’re preparing. While playing with your children, really listen to their laughs. Focus on your future. Plan your career and personal aspirations. Have a vision about where you want to go in life. Turn off the auto pilot. Listen for the voice of your life controller and start living consciously, today!

Dedicated To The Well-Being Of All Women